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Our December fundraiser starts TUESDAY!

Ok, I have kept you in the dark long enough! It's time to announce what we're doing for our December fundraiser!!

It's online!

After the success of Damian's Not-So-Haunted House in October, I really wanted to do a similar event for December, but realistically, I would have needed to start a big design project like that on November 1st and a solid idea didn't come to me until much later (and I'll be honest, I was also just so plum exhausted!)

Even then, I really wanted to do something that would be a lot more accessible to those who didn't live locally! We know from experience that digital campaigns have the potential to be just as - or sometimes even more - successful than in-person events.

Let's take my latest Instagram reel, for example. Because of your help in sharing that reel, it has been viewed (as of today) by 123,698 different accounts and we have raised an estimated $7,000 for our campaign!!! Just from sharing a reel!!!

And so, without further ado, I present our next big project!

Damian's 12 Days of Sharing

Starting on Tuesday, December 12th, I will ask everyone to share something they love about the holidays with a unique daily prompt (for example, I might ask you to share a favorite holiday tradition). You can respond to the prompt however you want on your own Instagram or Facebook account - with a post, with a video reel, or in a story – just remember to tag me!

Following your response to the unique daily prompt, I am asking that everyone share a new reel that I will be posting on Monday! If everyone shared that same reel every day for 12 days, I can only imagine how many eyes we could get on it before Christmas!

But for the sake of this fundraiser, I'm setting a lofty but measureable goal:

1 million views

I am positive that we can do it. And I am positive that this will also be super fun!

Who's in??

P.S. More details and all the shareable graphics and prompts will be posted on Instagram and Facebook leading up to the start of Damian's 12 Days of Sharing, so keep a weather eye open on those accounts!


Other ways to help during the holiday season

  • Watch for businesses looking to donate!

Every year about this time, businesses are looking for places to donate for their "year-end charitable contributions" (it counts as a tax deduction). Keep an eye out for notices from your employer, who may ask for recommendations on which charities to donate to! In this circumstance, businesses should donate directly to the Wylder Nation Foundation, the 501(c)3 non-profit organization that our campaign is raising funds for.

To donate directly to the Wylder Nation Foundation, businesses can mail a check (made out to "Wylder Nation Foundation") to the following address:

Wylder Nation Foundation

8924 E Pinnacle Peak Road

Ste. G5-574

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

To donate online and for the 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Determination Letter, visit their donation page on their website here.

  • NEW holiday mini flyers!

On the chance that you have not yet mailed out Christmas cards (but you plan to soon), I have just updated our winter mini flyers from last year! Check it out!

Click the link below to download and print your own mini flyers!

Christmas 2023-Small Flyers
Download PDF • 2.74MB

Last year I got a lot of positive feedback from people who included these mini flyers in their annual newsletters. Many simply put it in each envelope, and some added a note about it in their cards, saying something to the effect of "In this season of giving, I've included a flyer from a cause that has been near and dear to our hearts this year."

I'm so grateful for each of you and for all the efforts you have made to help our family and these children. We have come SO FAR. Thank you so much.

I cannot wait to make this holiday season the best one yet alongside all of you!


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