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Coloring Page & Mini Flyers

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Thanksgiving Coloring Page-2022.jpg

8.5" x 11"

Print coloring pages for the kids' tables!

Christmas 2022-Small Flyers.jpg

8.5" x 11"

8 flyers on every paper! Include them in your Christmas card envelopes during this Season of Giving!

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Printable PDF!
#SaveDamian - Paper flyer v2.jpg

8.5" x 11"

SaveDamian-Yard Sign or Car Magnet-18x24 (Style 1)-v2.png

18" x 24" 

SaveDamian-Yard Sign or Car Magnet-18x24 (Style 2)-v2.png

18" x 24" 

Sometimes the easiest efforts can be just as effective (or even more effective) than time-consuming projects! Here are some printable files that are low-effort but can have a BIG impact when it comes to helping us spread awareness & fundraising!

Yard Sign

If you're decorating your house with Christmas lights, live in a suburban neighborhood, or otherwise get a lot of visibility from passerby, a yard sign could reach a TON of people! The big QR code on the sign is large enough to be recognized from phones scanning from the street and will lead the person right to the Please Save Damian GoFundMe page. 

You can buy a custom yard sign from most anywhere that offers printing services: Office Depot, Staples, Costco are some big box options, but if you know a local small business I know they would appreciate the business! The one I bought cost me less than $20.

Car Magnet

The same yard sign art is also the perfect size for a car magnet! Living in Southern California means spending a hefty amount of time in traffic, but now I don't mind because I know people are looking at my car magnet! People almost always read signs on cars and this one is perfectly legible - the QR code is large enough to easily be picked up by the car in the next lane.  

Who knew that car magnets could be so cheap?! I bought a pack of 2 for about $20-40 each (again, many print service shops sell these - like Office Depot)! And don't worry about the application - it's a magnet, so you can easily adjust it or remove as needed. I suggest that you clean your car door of any dirt before applying the magnet for the best connection!

IMG_3330 edit.jpg
Yard Sign & Car Magnet
Click Any Image to Download!

Either image will work for a

printing project that is 18" x 24" 

SaveDamian-Yard Sign or Car Magnet-18x24 (Style 1)-v2.png
SaveDamian-Yard Sign or Car Magnet-18x24 (Style 2)-v2.png
Paper Flyer

This paper flyer has really come in handy! I always keep a stack in our diaper bag so that I can hand it out to people who come up to talk to me about Damian, but even beyond that - I leave it on our table as we leave a restaurant, I've taped it to our front window, I've taped it to the inside of our car window, and more!

You can print this from any home printer or print shop - it prints 2 flyers on one sheet of regular 8.5x11-inch paper. Any print shop will have a cutting board so you can make the perfect cuts down the center. 

Paper Flyer
Click Image to Download!

Image will work for a

printing project that is 8.5" x 11" 

#SaveDamian - Paper flyer v2.jpg

I am a big-time introvert and naturally shy. Obviously my determination to save my son overrides absolutely any insecurities I have about talking to strangers, but I still get anxious about stepping out of my comfort zone. So if you are nervous that someone is going to come up to you and ask about Damian, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Most people will not approach you (which is ok!! That's why a large QR code is nice!). If someone does approach you, they may try to start a conversation with one of these ice-breakers:

"Who's Damian?"

"Is Damian your baby?"

"What does your sign mean?"

"What is 'Please Save Damian' about?"

You can, of course, say whatever you want, but if you're like me and would appreciate an example response, here's one:

"Thank you for asking! Damian is my friend's baby. He has a terminal genetic disease and we're trying to raise money and spread awareness so that the treatment can be developed in time to save his life. You can learn more about it by..."

You can then direct them to the GoFundMe by scanning the QR code or to (which also has a link to the GoFundMe) or you can give them a flyer or show them to my Instagram page.


I would LOVE to see how you use these print files! If you put up a yard sign, a car magnet, or are handing out flyers, please send me a photo or video by tagging me on social media, or send me an email at


Also, I hope you know how amazing and GOOD you are. Truly. Your willingness and enthusiasm in helping my son is no small thing to me. You are truly my angel and I mean that. Thank you. Thank you so so much.

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