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Our official "Please Save Damian" crewneck sweater!!! There is a QR code linking to the GoFundMe on the front, back, and BOTH sleeves to ensure that people who want to help CAN from every angle!


The front is a great conversation starter (I've learned this from experience!) and the back features the SWEETEST Damian smile and a message that will quickly tell our story and mission to whoever is curious - even if they don't come up and ask about it!


THANK YOU for helping us spread the word!!! In-person sharing about Damian's story is incredibly effective and, honestly, has just made me love people!! I hope you find, as I have, that even total strangers can be incredibly compassionate!


Sweater Details:

  • 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester
  • Unisex
  • True to size, standard sizing

QR Code Crewneck Sweater

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