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A Love Letter to Damian on His 2nd Birthday

Hello my little love,

I'm anxious to know what it means if you are old enough to read this right now. Did we do it?? Did we get the treatment developed? Was the clinical trial successful?

Knowing you, you probably took every bump and twist (in what I'm sure was a very long road) just like the champ you are. You have always been so brave.

Just last week during one of your therapies, it was time to put you on the swing you are always scared of. But instead of the swing being set up high, it was set down low to the ground so that you could touch the ground with your toes while you sat. I hope I never forget the look on your face when you realized you didn't need to be afraid. You were simply beaming! You looked so proud of yourself sitting up in that swing and slowly swaying back and forth. I was so proud of you too. You are so brave, Damian.

And you are so strong. As ASMD continually tries to weaken you, I see you pushing yourself and trying so hard to keep your muscles as strong as they can be. You are getting really good at holding your head up while you are having tummy time, and I see you trying so hard to crawl when your favorite gumball machine toy is just out of reach. And you are just handling all of this crazy mess we're in so well. After all the exercises and doctors exams, you take a nap and wake up with the sweetest smile on your face, never jaded by the unfairness of your lot in life. You are the strongest person I know.

Damian, you are so sweet. You always have a wave, even when you're nervous to meet someone. The first thing you do when anyone new comes close is ask them to be your friend with your little wave. I want to be more like you. And I'm so grateful for all your snuggles. I'm sometimes not sure if you rest on me to show affection or because you're simply exhausted, but I treasure every moment I get to hold you.

You are a light and a joy to everyone who is lucky enough to meet you! It is an honor to be your mom, and I promise to continue doing everything I possibly can to give you your best chance at life, while giving you all the love your sweet little self can handle!

I love you Damian. So so much. Happy Birthday!!




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