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37 Weeks and Counting!

My pregnancy has seemingly flown by and now we're just 3 weeks away (or less!) from baby's big debut! Can our little apartment handle a new tenant?

I would say "it's been a long road," but honestly, I can't complain. I found out I was pregnant when I was just about to start my second trimester (thank you, PCOS), and I've been able to work normally throughout my pregnancy - even travel for business to London! Up until about two weeks ago, I have been feeling just fine. I have family and friends who are essentially out of commission for the entire 9 months they are pregnant, so I definitely don't take my comparatively easy experience for granted!

I think the time I was most impatient during this pregnancy was before I could feel my baby kick and the only way I could "prove" to myself that I was pregnant and my baby was ok was when I could hear his heart beat during doctor's appointments. Once I started recognizing little kicks and punches and rolls (starting at about week 26 or 27), I became much more relaxed and could enjoy every day as the very new experience that it was! Now that I'm at week 37, I actually feel like time is going by extremely fast! Even though I'm getting to the point where sitting up in a chair hurts, walking around is painful (and I'm sure painful for others to watch haha), I don't sleep well at all, and all my joints are sore, I feel like time is speeding exponentially every day. I'm sure this is because I feel very underprepared. There's a lot to be done at home still to make our apartment baby-ready. Last night I felt (or at least recognized) what a big contraction feels like, and I just hope this baby stays inside me long enough for me to declutter our living room!

One more tenant

As my husband, Brock, and I are about to welcome another person into our 450-square foot, 1-bedroom apartment, I have been stressing a lot trying to figure out how we're going to make this work. I'm a bit of a hoarder, so I've been spending my free-time trying to "Marie Kondo" my way through cabinets and bookshelves and drawers. I am pleased to say I've made a lot of progress, but there is still a lot to do! At the end of the day, minimalism is not a style I'm drawn to, so at some point we're just gonna have to get creative with storage. I'm hoping that the end (will there be an end??) result will be something I'm proud enough to share pictures of.

Also, I had an epiphany last Sunday that no matter what, when we welcome our precious little baby home in a few very short weeks, he will be in a home much bigger than his current residence! As long as he's fed and changed and snuggled, we shouldn't be getting any complaints from him!

And you can bet he will be getting lots of snuggles :)


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