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YARDs SALE prep time!

We are just over a week away from our first big in-person fundraiser of 2024 and I'm pumped to get it going! So many of you have already asked what you can do to help and I just have to say - as someone who is still working on not having an aversion against asking for help even when I need it, I am so humbled and just truly grateful for you.

For those who live locally, there is a lot that I need help with:

  • Stuff to sell (home goods & baked goods)

  • Spreading the word to the community (I'll be posting about it on all the Facebook community pages and would love your help sharing!)

  • Coming to the yard sale!

(If you have any questions or want to connect about donating items, please email me at

Local or not, I would love love LOVE your help!! And if you would like to do a yard sale of your own (whether on the same day as us - Saturday, May 18th - or another day!), I would LOVE THAT!

If you do end up doing a yard sale (or bake sale, or pop-up shop, or lemonade stand... the possibilities are endless!), I've found that sharing information about our campaign effectively makes all the difference!

To that end, I've just made NEW flyers that will hopefully make that effort super easy!

Download and print your own by clicking the download buttons below!

Tabletop Flyer

Please Save Damian - Tabletop Flyer (8.5x11)
Download PDF • 4.88MB

Mini Flyers

Please Save Damian - 2024 Generic-Small Flyers
Download PDF • 4.08MB

In case you were also looking for an acrylic display holder for the full-page tabletop flyer like the one I have in the photos, I got mine from Staples - but I found similar ones as a pack of three on Amazon (commissionable link here!).

Eek, this is going to be a great fundraiser! I already had a neighbor come over tonight with a box of things for the yard sale and I got so excited!

Next Steps...

This weekend I'm designing and making the rest of the digital advertisements we need to get the word around our community as well as going through all our stuff and making piles of things to sell :)

And then the task I'm still a little cloudy about: come up with a pricing strategy.

What do you think is best... give everything a price tag? Just sort things by price? Have absolutely everything donation-based? Or a mix? I'm all ears for your suggestions!


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