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Please join our growing #SaveDamian Army and help us fight ASMD!

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"How Can I Help?"

THANK YOU for wanting to help my sweet Damian and the many other babies fighting ASMD!!! There are many ways to help!

#1  Share Our Story!

​This is the MOST HELPFUL action anyone can take! We need people to be talking about Damian, ASMD/Niemann-Pick Type A, and the demand for treatment. Share my posts on social media, share news articles about Damian and ASMD, share the GoFundMe updates, etc. I have found that most people are willing to donate a dollar to a good cause - so our campaign just needs to reach a lot of people!

I also have printable flyers, yard signs, and car magnets ready to download and print at your local print shop! CLICK HERE  to check them out!


#2  Host a Fundraiser!

Just as most people are willing to donate a dollar to a good cause, most people are willing to donate more than a dollar at a charity-benefitting lemonade stand.  Or bake sale. Or garage sale. Or... you name it! I've noticed in the ones done so far, that handing out flyers like this one to "customers" helps word spread like wildfire. If you do a fundraiser, please take pictures! Post it online and send them to me too so I can see (and I can add it to this page if you want!) The bonus to holding your own fundraiser (especially if you have kids) is you can see firsthand what I am getting to see everyday: that people are SO good, SO caring, and SO full of compassion.

#3  Do the ASMD Baby Food Challenge!

We started a fun online challenge to help us spread awareness of ASMD! All you need is a way to video record yourself and a jar or pouch of baby food - you can see my first video here as an example:

Try it yourself! You can either "stitch" our TikTok or Instagram video and include your video with our audio, or you can say whatever you want and upload to wherever you want (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok)! Just please make sure to say it's the "ASMD Baby Food Challenge!" If you use the hashtag #ASMDBabyFoodChallenge in your caption, I will be able to watch it too!

If you like, here are a couple rough scripts you can use (fill in the bolded words with your choices!). I recommend talking FAST and keeping the video SHORT (under a minute!) to get the most views and potentially shares!


We're doing the ASMD Baby Food Challenge! I'm gonna eat all this baby food in 5 seconds or less to help save Damian and all babies fighting ASMD! GO!

((Now eat the baby food! Don't feel the need to keep a straight face!))

Now it's your turn!


Thank you [Brittany] for nominating me for the ASMD Baby Food Challenge!

The baby food I'm about to eat is [sweet potato turkey]Here we go!

((Now eat the baby food! Don't feel the need to keep a straight face!))

I'm nominating my friends [Brock, Damian, Charlotte, Heather, and Ryan]!

You each have 24 hours to eat a bunch of baby food or donate $100 to ASMD research.

Go to to learn more and donate!


Thank you

It is humbling and so encouraging that you want to help our family save my child. I am so so grateful and I pray for you every day. From the bottom of my heart and every ounce of me, truly, thank you.  <3

Have Something Else to Offer?

Our ideas for new campaign-boosting initiatives stems in part from our current resources. If you have any ideas for us, or have a skill or capability to offer, please let us know! THANK YOU!


Where do you live/could provide help?

Thanks for submitting!

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