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Our next project: Taylor Swift! (help wanted)

I can't believe I'm writing this:

I am going to the Eras Tour. EEEEEEEK!!!!

A few weeks ago, I got the **surprise of the summer** when I was gifted a ticket to go see Taylor Swift in August!! Not only will this be my very first "real" concert ever, but Taylor Swift may be the only musical artist I have ever really wanted to see perform live. I am a big fan. And I am very excited.


Side note - for those of you who I haven't talked with about this yet, the answer is yes, I have been told I look like Taylor Swift. Oddly enough (wink wink), I looked much more like her before I became a mom (shocker!). I have some funny stories from when I worked at Disneyland and I would often be stopped by people wanting to tell me I looked like her, or who lost their minds because they thought I actually was her.

My sister convinced me to bleach my hair in college - I'll never do that again!

One time during college, over the Christmas holiday, I convinced my little siblings to take a break from putting away decorations and film a music video lip synched to one of the best Taylor Swift songs (it didn't take much convincing). I recently found it and put it on our YouTube channel in case you are curious haha.



You'd be off your rocker if you thought I wasn't going to try and make the very most of this incredible opportunity to be around thousands, maybe tens of thousands of people and spread awareness of our campaign. And as it turns out, Taylor Swift fans ("Swifties") have a strong concert tradition that's just too fun and too perfect to pass on!

Friendship Bracelet Trading

My best friend from college, Nadine, recently went to the Eras Tour (wearing our QR code shirt!!) and she told me all about it!

See all those bracelets on her arm? All the fans lining up for the concert spent hours before the concert trading homemade friendship bracelets with everyone.

I'm sure you can already see where I'm going with this...

Nadine and her sweet daughter made about 50 bracelets and had the COOLEST idea to put tags on all of them that included a little message about Damian and the QR code to our GoFundMe!

Now that she's done it and had the full experience, she told me if she were to do it again she could have easily passed out hundreds of more bracelets and flyers.

So that's what we're going to do. And I would LOVE YOUR HELP!!!

I need help!!

These bracelets are really easy to make, but we need a LOT! I would be so grateful for your help in making them! They should be really fun, and your littles can do them too!

Each bracelet usually holds around 40 beads (depending on the size of each bead). I'm thinking that each bracelet ideally has something spelled out that talks about our campaign, whether it spells out the website, the hashtag, or our social media handle:

This leaves plenty of room for a lot more beads, and you could design them however you want! One thing Nadine mentioned is that a lot of fans at the concert would go around trying to trade for bracelets to complete a collection of a particular theme. Popular design themes were:

  • Taylor Swift album names spelled out or simply represented them somehow (i.e. the "Red" album would be represented by all red beads, "Speak Now" would be all purple beads, etc.)

  • song titles spelled out

  • lyrics spelled out, or just the first letters of the lyrics (it was like a puzzle, people liked to see if they could figure out the lyric just from knowing the first letters of every word!)

Can you guess the lyrics?? I'll give you the answer at the end of the post!

You could also spell out the city (Los Angeles) or the date of the concert:

August 9th!

We are already less than a month away from the big day!! I will need as many bracelets as I can get by Monday, August 7th.

If you would like to help me make a bunch of bracelets, you can send them to our PO box!

23742 Lyons Ave. #221184

Newhall, CA 91322

Over the next week I'll be sharing on our Instagram and Facebook some videos about making the bracelets and if you are making them too, I would LOVE to see you show off your skills on social media (and tag us, please)!! Not only is this event going to be fun, but I'm hoping if we really make a scene about it online beforehand, this event could also create a lot of excitement online before the event even happens and make as big of a splash as our Independence Day parade did! And... I mean... can you even imagine how crazy it would be if Miss Swift herself (or even just a news station, etc.) saw a bunch of people from all over making bracelets together?? It's just too amazing!!!


It's going to be a FUN couple weeks leading up to August 9th!

Of course, another big aspect of going to the Eras Tour and a big way of getting attention is the outfit. I've got some ideas already but would love to hear what you think!

And although Damian and Brock don't have tickets (I'll be flying solo) for the actual concert - all of the social frenzy of bracelet trading oftentimes takes place OUTSIDE the arena... which means you don't need a ticket for that part!

Who thinks Damian and Brock need eras outfits too!?


BRACELET PUZZLE ANSWER: KOMH stands for "king of my heart"

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