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The RESULTS from the Yards Sale!

We did it!!! Our first big in-person fundraiser of 2024 is officially complete - and it was a smashing success!

Check out the full vlog here!!

It feels SO good to have this done - and not only because I can walk around in my living room and kitchen again!

After several months of only doing virtual fundraising efforts (our last location-based project was Damian's Not-So-Haunted House, can you believe it??), it was really good for me to get practice and regain confidence in making something for people to show up to.

A yard sale is normally a fairly low-pressure event - not a big deal, right? But as a hard-core introvert who even regularly opted out of having birthday parties as a kid, inviting people over is not really in my comfort zone. And in case you were wondering about my comment during the vlog: Yes, I was genuinely concerned the police were going to have an issue with me putting up yard sale signs... haha!

But we did it!! Thanks to so many people who donated items and their time and their talents, we did it!!! And we even surpassed our fundraising goal!!!

The last time we did a big yard sale, we made just about $1,000. This weekend, we raised a total of $1,625!!! Not too shabby for a Saturday morning!!

What's next??

I teased in the vlog that our next big project was going to be a little more in my wheelhouse, and I'm SO excited to get started! My educational and professional background is in the arts and entertainment industry and if you were around last year, you know I like to make big colorful handmade... uh... things!

Well, coming up is our city's big annual Independence Day parade and we made some pretty awesome floats to march down Main Street with the past two years (and raised a decent amount for our campaign in the process!).

"Hungry for Treatment!" was our theme for last year's parade

I've been racking my brain to come up with a good idea for this year's float and I FINALLY came up with an idea I'm ecstatic about. And guys... it's BIG.

The past 2 parade floats each took me 2 weeks to do, but there's just no way I'll be able to do this one that quick. We're going to need a full month and some change to pull this one off. So that means I need to finalize my design plans over the next few days so that I can hit the ground running on June 1st.

I'll share the design plans as soon as I finish them!! Stay tuned!!!


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